"Unauthorized access to service controller" in the session logs - what does this mean?

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Last Modified Date:  07/11/2017
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  • CA Privileged Access Management


  • CA Privileged Access Management:Release:2.6
  • CA Privileged Access Management:Release:2.6.1
  • CA Privileged Access Management:Release:2.6.2
  • CA Privileged Access Management:Release:2.6.3
  • CA Privileged Access Management:Release:2.7
  • CA Privileged Access Management:Release:2.8



I have noticed that in my session logs I am frequently getting an event coming from an unknown source. If I check the details, it turns out that the message is about unauthorized access to the service controller

Why is it so and what does it mean ?




The cause of the ""Unauthorized access to service controller"" message is due to a Session Time or idle out occurring while the User is still on a page within Xsuite (the user has walked away from their desk for an extended time, for instance), and he attempts to change or access another menu or page.

Since Xsuite no longer can identify the user attempting to access another page,  the  ""Unauthorized access to service controller"" message is inserted into the Session log.

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