Multiple CA Fast Load jobs fail with -911 on PTG700T2 PFL0413E

Document ID:  TEC1518524
Last Modified Date:  07/10/2017
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  • CA Fast Load for DB2 for z/OS


  • CA Fast Load for DB2 for z/OS:Release:18.0
  • CA Fast Load for DB2 for z/OS:Release:19.0


  • CA Fast Load for DB2 for z/OS:PFL

Running multiple Fast Load jobs at the same time may cause an occasional SQL -911 timeout failure on the CA Restart Table PTG700T2, receiving error: PFL0413E - Unable to Update Restart Table 

CA R18 and R19, DB2 V10 and above

Running multiple Fast load utilities at the same time. 


Alter CA Tablespace PTG700T2 from LOCKSIZE PAGE to LOCKSIZE ROW to resolve the problem of contention due to high usage of the Restart table. This has corrected the problem for all our customers who hit this same problem. 

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