TSS0940I DUPLICATE CERTIFICATE DETECTED when adding a certificate.

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Last Modified Date:  07/12/2017
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  • CA Top Secret for z/OS


  • CA Top Secret for z/OS:Release:16.0
  • CA Top Secret for z/OS:Release:14
  • CA Top Secret for z/OS:Release:15


  • CA Top Secret for z/OS:TSSMVS

How to resolve the TSS0940I DUPLICATE CERTIFICATE DETECTED  message.


Receiving a TSS0940I DUPLICATE CERTIFICATE DETECTED trying to add a certificate to the security file.


Issue a TSS CHKCERT DCDSN(datasetname) or TSS CHKCERT DCDSN(datasetname) PKCSPASS(password) if password protected.

This will tell you if the certificate is already on the security file.

If the certificate is not already on the security file, make sure the DIGICERT name or LABLCERT name is not already being used.

Run a TSS LIST(ACIDS) DIGICERT(ALL) in batch and do a find on the DIGICERT name and LABLCERT name.


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