I am unable to cancel tasks running in CA Datacom Server

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Last Modified Date:  07/18/2017
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  • CA Datacom Server


  • CA Datacom Server:Release:14
  • CA Datacom Server:Release:15
  • CA Datacom Server:Release:15.0
  • CA Datacom Server:Release:15.1



SVCOMPR STATUS command shows active tasks are running in CA Datacom Server. I am trying to cancel the tasks with the CANCEL command but it is not effective. The tasks remain active. The STATUS command shows they are in PROCESSING REQUEST status. How can I cancel these tasks?


Tasks with a status of PROCESSING REQUEST indicates that the task is running in MUF and therefore these tasks cannot be cancelled by a Server CANCEL request. 

Most likely these tasks are waiting on some other MUF task that may or may not have been a Server task. You need to do a COMM STATUS in the Datacom MUF to determine what the tasks are waiting on. Then issue a REQABORT command in the MUF to cancel them.

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