JSON configuration export fails

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Last Modified Date:  07/11/2017
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  • CA API Management Gateway



Export of json configuration fails


You would see below error while trying to export json configuration as oauth serve details haven't been added to OTK Variable Configuration policy.

"error_description":"exporting data failed due to misconfiguration" 



1. Login to policy manager

2. Go to OTK Variable Configuration policy

3. Look for set context variable for oauth2_server_hostname, enter the gateway FQDN

4. Look for set context variable for oauth2_server_certificate, enter the Oauth server cert name

5. Look for set context variable for oauth2_server_port, enter 8443

6. Look for set context variable for oauth2_server_url_prefix, enter the prefix value which was used while installing oauth.

7. Save the policy and try to export out the json configuration from oauth manager.

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