Impact to using the DFSMS Media Manager

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  • CA Disk Backup and Restore


  • CA Disk Backup and Restore:Release:12.5


  • CA Disk Backup and Restore:DISKOS

IBM reported that;
Media Manager IO termination module, ICYPGAD, may touch storage in the MMIB after calling the user's DIE exit.
This may cause a program check and then S0C4 abend occurr if the user has asynchronously closed or disconnected the data set.
And IBM APAR OA54289 (PTF UA94418, UA94419, UA94417) is provided as a solution to this problem.

Does CA Disk Backup and Restore use the DFSMS Media Manager?


The DFSMS Media Manager is not impacting CA Disk Backup and Restore.

The only reason that these IBM ptfs can impact CA Disk Backup and Restore is if CA Disk Backup and Restore hook is to be modified.
In such case, as you have applied Usermods, then SMP7E will tell them that the usermod needs to be restored. That would mean you to ask for a new hook to replace the actual one.

So CA Disk Backup and Restore should not be impacted by these IBM ptfs.

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