RT data for Zoom object in GOA script

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Last Modified Date:  08/09/2017
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  • CA Vantage Storage Resource Manager


  • CA Vantage Storage Resource Manager:Release:12.6
  • CA Vantage Storage Resource Manager:Release:14.0


  • CA Vantage Storage Resource Manager:VANT
  • CA Vantage Graphical Management Interface:CAIGMI

Can a Zoom Object in a GOA script use real-time data?


A Zoom Object in a GOA script can use real-time data.

The corresponding option can be selected within the GOA Wizard.


Please see the attached screen-print from the GOA wizard and the created script. 

It shows a sample for a Zoom from the Storage Group (POOLS) object to the Data Sets by SG (DTOC4POL) object.





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