Shipment of Delete Package with DISP=SHR still requires exclusive of dataset

Document ID:  TEC1427288
Last Modified Date:  06/20/2017
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  • CA Endevor Software Change Manager


  • CA Endevor Software Change Manager:Release:18.0
  • CA Endevor Software Change Manager:Release:17.0


  • CA Endevor Software Change Manager:ENDBAS

After opening up O0000580 in the ENCOPTBL. This being uncommenting line "ENHOPT SHP_DISP_SHR=ON". The DISP=OLD is changed to DISP=SHR in the remote COPY and DELETE steps.  The problem is that we still get a contention when trying to do a copy/delete of an element.


This can be due to GRS or MIM not being set up and active on one of the 2 LPARS. 

It also can be due to PDSESHARING being set to NORMAL.  

 PDSESHARING can be found in the IGDSMSxx member in the SYS1.PARMLIB. 


Ensure that GRS or MIM is active on both LPARS. This will allow the dataset to be shared between the 2 LPARS. 

Change PDSSHARING from PDSESHARING(NORMAL)  to PDSESHARING(EXTENDED) on both LPARS.  This will allow enqs to be at the member level.

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