Installing CA EEM from the CA Service Management Installation installer failed. Where are the EEM install logs?

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Last Modified Date:  08/04/2017
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  • CA Service Desk Manager


  • CA Service Desk Manager:Release:17.0



CA Service Desk Manager can be integrated with CA Embedded Entitlements Manager. Both of these products are part of CA Service Management.

The Service Management installer for version 17.0 can be used to upgrade EEM.

The installer does not state where the installation log files of the EEM upgrade reside.

The messages in the logs are required to be analyzed in case of a failed upgrade in order to determine the cause of failure.



Where are the EEM install logs?

CA Service Desk Manager upgrade to 17.0 CA Service Management upgrade to 17.0

You should be able to find the logs in the base installation directory of EEM.

For example, in an out-of-the-box/default CA Service Management 17.0 environment, the following installation log files exist in "C:\Program Files\CA\Directory": 

05/10/2017 01:55 PM 401 cadir_install.log 
05/10/2017 01:55 PM 31,772 cadir_msi.log 

If you may not be using the default base installation directory, you could find it by opening a command prompt window and running the following command: 

set | find "DXHOME" 

The log subdirectory would be 1 level back. 

For example, you may try the following steps: 

1. Run: set | find "DXHOME" 
Results: DXHOME=C:\Program Files\CA\Directory\dxserver 

2. Run: cd /D %DXHOME% 
Results: C:\Program Files\CA\Directory\dxserver> 

3. Run: cd .. 
Results: C:\Program Files\CA\Directory> 

4. Run: dir *.log
Sample Results:
05/10/2017 01:55 PM 401 cadir_install.log 
05/10/2017 01:55 PM 31,772 cadir_msi.log 

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