Disk space on Service Operation Insight UI server

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Last Modified Date:  07/07/2017
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  • CA Service Operations Insight


  • CA Service Operations Insight:Release:4.0
  • CA Service Operations Insight:Release:3.3


  • Service Operations Insight (SOI) User Interface:SOIUI

The Disk where SOI UI Server is installed runs out of Disk Space


What causes the Disk Space to fill up on SOI UI Server ?


Store Indexer service on the SOI UI Server and delete ‘data' folder in CA\SOI\SamUI\solr. Once deleted you must restart  "CA SAM User Interface Server" Windows Service.

Then, if you use the USM WebView start the CA SAM Store Indexer Service. Otherwise you may leave the service stopped so it does not recreate any new index files.


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