Unable to view cases for a Frad Analyst in CA Risk Analytics Admin Console.

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Last Modified Date:  04/25/2016
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Error: “No more cases in queue” seen when fraud analyst clicks on “Work on Cases” in Case Management.


CA Risk Analytics


For cases to appear in queue for a fraud analytics in case of hosted solution, CA case management servers needs to be restarted. They are normally configured for scheduled restarts.


If the analyst needs to work on cases immediately, they can manually rebuild queue in risk fort. Please follow the below instructions to do the same:

1.    Login to CA Risk Analytics Admin Console.

2.    Click on “Case Management”.

3.    Now click on “Rebuild Queues

4.    If you want to rebuild queue for all the organizations that you have access to, then check (?) the option “All Organizations:”. If not, select the organizations from the list: “Available Organizations” and move them to “Selected Organizations”.

5.    Once the required organizations are selected, click on “Rebuild” button.

Additional Information:

Please note that this is a workaround and not a solution to get cases in queue. Analysts needs to wait for the configured time as per their setup to get the cases populated in queue which would be post the scheduled restart.

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