I have managed to get my autosys password and database password out of sync. Is it possible to synchronize

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Last Modified Date:  06/30/2017
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  • CA Workload Automation AE


  • CA Workload Automation AE:Release:11.3.6


  • CA Workload Automation AE (AutoSys):ATSYS

The "autosys" user's password (autosys_secure) and the database password are out of sync. Is there a way to get them back in sync?

WAAE 11.3.6 Release

The recommended solution for changing the "autosys" user's password is to use "autosys_secure".

If for whatever reason the password has been changed directly in the database or is no longer in sync with the database password, you can use the following steps to synchronize them:

  1. In your database, change the password for "autosys" user to "autosys".

  2. Login to the database as the "autosys" user and run the following sql query:

    update alamode set str_val='aDc?C)D~FDFbH{h>' where type='password';

  3. You should now be able to use autosys_secure to change the password to another string using "autosys" as the current password.

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