Jenkins Plugin Error: Failed to create artifact-package [validate artifact package creation/update]

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Last Modified Date:  08/10/2017
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  • CA Release Automation


  • CA Release Automation:Release:6.3
  • CA Release Automation:Release:5.0
  • CA Release Automation:Release:5.0.1
  • CA Release Automation:Release:5.0.2
  • CA Release Automation:Release:5.5
  • CA Release Automation:Release:5.5.1
  • CA Release Automation:Release:5.5.2
  • CA Release Automation:Release:6.0
  • CA Release Automation:Release:6.1
  • CA Release Automation:Release:6.2



When attempting to create a new artifact package via the Release Automation Plugin for Jenkins, package creation fails, and the following error is found in the nolio_dm_all.log:

[http-nio-8080-exec-17] ERROR (com.nolio.releasecenter.controllers.RCApiController:1895) - RC API Controller method error occurred. 

com.nolio.releasecenter.cli.CliServerException: Deployment Plan with id [189999000] created with error in: Failed to create artifact-package [validate artifact package creation/update] 



This error occurs when the plugin attempts to create an artifact package with a name that's already in use. Scenarios in which this may occur include:

  • An artifact package with the name already exists.
  • An artifact package with the name used to exist, but was deleted at some point (in which case, the name is still not available after deletion).
  • Another user may be attempting to create a new artifact with the same name at the same time. This scenario may happen if there is an automated process for generating unique names to avoid duplication, but two users creating artifact packages at the same time (coincidentally) may still result in a duplicate name. This scenario is worth noting if the error is intermittent or if creation succeeds after a retry. 

When creating an artifact package, ensure that the name of the new package is a new name that has not been in use before by either existing or previously existing artifact packages. 

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