CA Identity Governance Service will not start reporting Port Conflict

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Last Modified Date:  12/11/2017
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  • CA Identity Governance


  • CA Identity Governance:Release:14.0
  • CA Identity Governance:Release:14.01


  • GovernanceMinder(Role & Compliance Manager):SGRM

An attempt to start IG may result in following even though you checked to make sure none of the ports dedicated to IG application is in use by any other application on the system.


Error messages generated in the application log file at startup: 


2017-12-04 14:16:32 Commons Daemon procrun stdout initialized 


* Launching CA Identity Governance... 

* Please make sure that all data sources point to the correct databases, and use the correct SQL logins 



GM_JAVA_OPTS: -Dwicket.configuration=deployment -Dworkpoint.classpath.url=../Workpoint/ 

Checking that all required ports are free... 

3 required ports are blocked 


Use "netstat -anob" to discover which processes block the ports. 


Press any key to continue . . . 



At this point, IG has results in failure to start.


The error message could be a false positive. Meaning, it has nothing to do with ports but rather to do with Java. If you have recently upgraded Java version (e.g. from 1.7.x to 1.8.x) or somehow lost JAVA_HOME from your environment, please check and make sure JAVA_HOME is defined correctly pointing to correct version/path where it is installed.

After adjusting/correcting JAVA_HOME, attempt to restart.

If the problem still persist, try starting the service manually.


As an 'administrator' , if you go to C:\Program Files\CA\RCM\Server\eurekify-jboss\bin and run the .bat file (i.e. eurekify.bat) manually from there.

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