Agent for SharePoint sometimes printing Unknown SiteMinder WebAgent in the error log header

Document ID:  TEC1388091
Last Modified Date:  06/16/2017
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  • CA Single Sign-On


  • CA Single Sign-On:Release:12.5



Roughly half the time when I start Agent for SharePoint, the Agent log file shows the correct product name at the beginning. But the other half of the time, it displays "Unknown SiteMinder WebAgent". This is occurring on a single host, and there have been absolutely no changes made to the host between startups yielding a different product name. Why does this happens and what's the impact on the overall Agent for SharePoint functionalities ?

CA SSO Sharepoint agent 12.5

This is just a cosmetic issue which bears no effect on product functionality. It may safely be ignored. The problem has not been reported anymore after upgrading the Agent for SharePoint to 12.51CR05. 

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