Who is responsible for maintaining the Operating System table?

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Last Modified Date:  08/02/2017
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  • CA Software Asset Manager


  • CA Software Asset Manager:Release:12.9



Who is responsible for maintaining the operating system table data in CA Software Asset Manager? 

When I navigate to view the operating systems records, many of the records contain a comment in the remark field that says:  Record was created during update to v3.6.5.


CA Asset Portfolio Manager, any release post CA SAM 3.6.4

In older releases of SAM, the 'operating system' field was a free form database field stored on the device table. To normalize the operating system names, at SAM 3.6.5 and above, the database was changed so that operating system data was stored in a separate database table (operating_systems). 
During a SAM upgrade, the upgrade process copied all the existing device operating system names into this new table and documented it's action in the remarks field of the operating system records.  

The data in the operating system table should be maintained by you, but can also be changed by an application update. 

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