IDM Credential Provider - "New Account" Link is not always visible on Logon Screen

Document ID:  TEC1362242
Last Modified Date:  08/09/2017
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  • CA Identity Manager


  • IdentityMinder(Identity Manager):IDMGR

You have installed the Credential Provider and configured it to support three links - Forgot Password, Unlock Account and New Account.  The New Account link is only visible on initial logon, not when pressing CTRL-ALT-DEL after locking the system.  The other two links are always visible even without logging out of Windows.


This is working as designed.  The third link is for creating a "New Account" and is not intended to appear for already logged-in users.  It does not take the user ID of the logged in user as a parameter, i.e. the %username% tag is not part of the URL.  Therefore it would appear only at initial login, to allow users to create new accounts.

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