Receiving Java is not enabled error when applying the online license for Agile Requirements Designer

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Last Modified Date:  07/14/2017
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  • CA Agile Requirements Designer


  • CA Agile Requirements Designer:Release:2.5
  • CA Agile Requirements Designer:Release:2.4
  • CA Agile Requirements Designer:Release:2.3
  • CA Agile Requirements Designer:Release:2.2
  • CA Agile Requirements Designer:Release:2.1
  • CA Agile Requirements Designer:Release:2.0


  • CA Test Case Optimizer:ITKOTC

When trying to activate my online license for Agile Designer, I am receiving the following error messages: Java is not enabled. Please enable Java or use offline license transfer. 

CA Agile Requirements Designer (ARD)- Agile Designer and Wibu's CodeMeter

This issue is occurring because Java is not enabled in the web browser. Java is required for using the online license activation method. 


To resolve this issue, you first need to enable Java in your web browser. Follow the steps in this document to enable Java in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, or Opera:


Once Java is enabled, follow the steps in this document to activate your online license:

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