Is necessary to apply maintenance to CA-Top Secret when IBM APAR PI63449 - UI40185 is applied?

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Last Modified Date:  06/12/2017
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  • CA Top Secret


  • CA Top Secret:Release:15.0


  • CA Top Secret for z/OS:TSSMVS

IBM APAR PI63449 - UI40185 is included in RSU quarterly maintenance .


Does TOP SECRET maintenance have to be applied in conjunction with this IBM Apar ?


The TCP/IP APAR PI63449 adds a new function to import the current TCP/IP stack profiles into the Configuration Assistant.

The APAR PI63449 has the following references to Security:

* Control which users have access to the VARY TCPIP,,EXPORTPROF command.

* Guideline: If you defined the resource profile MVS.VARY.TCPIP.EXPORTPROF in class OPERCMDS, authorize users to  

    invoke the command by granting their user IDs CONTROL access to the resource profile.



According to these references it should be necessary to use the OPERCMDS resource of CA Top Secret

 to permit the access to the VARY TCPIP,,EXPORTPROF

Like other VARY TCPIP commands the access to the VARY TCPIP,,EXPORTPROF can be permitted (Supposing it is restricted)

 in CA Top Secret using the following command :


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