Transport Failed Message in Broker Log

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  • CA Continuous Application Insight
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  • CA Service Virtualization:Release:9.1
  • CA Service Virtualization:Release:9.5
  • CA Service Virtualization:Release:9.5.1


  • CA ITKO LISA Virtual Services Environment (VSE):ITKOVS

The Broker log is full of Transport failed -  Channel was inactive for too long messages.

Message Example:
INFO: Transport failed: serviceTransportException
INFO: Transport failed: com.itko.activemq.transport.InactivityIOException: Channel was inactive for too long: /

Where: is an IP and port combination.

All supported DevTest platforms.

When starting the broker, a few of these messages is normal.
However, several thousand messages indicate the broker recovering from a corrupt solr cache.


Allow the broker to process these messages.
Looking closely at the messages one or more IP addresses will be listed.
For each IP address, the broker will set through the port numbers in order.

Depending on your environment and the number of database entries, this process could take a few minutes to several hours to complete.

Once completed, the messages will stop and the broker should operate as expected.

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