vmware probe using a lot of hard disk space

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Last Modified Date:  08/09/2017
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  • CA Unified Infrastructure Management


  • CA Unified Infrastructure Management:Release:8.51
  • CA Unified Infrastructure Management:Release:8.5
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On vmware probes that are monitoring medium to large environments we see a build up of data in the vmware discovery directory

vmware 6.82

This appears to be correlated with large vmware environments with many vm's. The discovery folder is an internal queue that is published to discovery server.


Setting vmware partial_graph discovery increases the efficiency that vmware publishes discovery data. Which will resolve the issue.

To setup partial graphs.
Go to the probe's Raw Configure dialog.
Select Setup.
Add or find the key: discovery_server_version.
Click Add Key.
Enter: discovery_server_version.

In the value field, enter the version for your Discovery Server.
For example: 8.2 or higher
Click Apply Changes.
Deactivate the robot

Delete the items in the vmware/discovery_server directory

Activate the robot.





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