What is the 'Virtual Service Response Time' report under the VSE Metrics Report?

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  • CA Service Virtualization


  • CA Service Virtualization:Release:9.1
  • CA Service Virtualization:Release:9.5.1
  • CA Service Virtualization:Release:9.5
  • CA Service Virtualization:Release:9.0
  • CA Service Virtualization:Release:8.5
  • CA Service Virtualization:Release:8.4
  • CA Service Virtualization:Release:8.3
  • CA Service Virtualization:Release:8.2
  • CA Service Virtualization:Release:8.1
  • CA Service Virtualization:Release:8.0.2
  • CA Service Virtualization:Release:8.0.1
  • CA Service Virtualization:Release:8.0.0
  • CA Service Virtualization:Release:7.5.2
  • CA Service Virtualization:Release:7.5.1
  • CA Service Virtualization:Release:7.5.0
  • CA Service Virtualization:Release:7.1
  • CA Service Virtualization:Release:10.1.0
  • CA Service Virtualization:Release:10.0


  • CA ITKO LISA Virtual Services Environment (VSE):ITKOVS

What is the value reported in the 'Virtual Service Response Time' report under the VSE Metrics Reports?

All supported DevTest releases.

The Virtual Service Response Time report displays the amount of time the VSM took to process the request, from the listener step through the responder step, and the specified think time.

It is also possible to verify how long the VSM took to process one transaction by looking at the Inspection View/ Steps Executed and checking the time stamp the listener step started and the time stamp the responder step ended. The time elapsed is how long the VSM took to process one transaction and send the response back to the client application.

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