IBM DataPower Agent Not Reporting Statistics.

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Last Modified Date:  08/04/2017
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  • CA Application Performance Management


  • CA Application Performance Management:Release:10.5



 In this case, the customer had configured the DatapowerMonitor-config.xml to provide metrics for Ambient Temperature,  CPU Fan Speed, Chassis Fan Speed.  The Ambient Temperature was always 0.

APM 10.5.1 DataPower Version XI52. DataPowerMonitor-4.0

Customer had followed the DataPower documentation and information from the IBM DataPower website.  This includes the following:

<status name="EnvironmentalSensors">

<prefix>Environmental Sensors :</prefix>

    <metric statusProperty="systemTemp" type="IntAverage">Ambient Temperature</metric>

    <metric statusProperty="cpu1Temp" type="IntAverage">CPU 1 Temperature</metric>

    <metric statusProperty="cpu2Temp" type="IntAverage">CPU 2 Temperature</metric>

    <metric statusProperty="cpu1rpm" type="LongAverage">CPU 1 Fan Speed [RPM]</metric>

    <metric statusProperty="cpu2rpm" type="LongAverage">CPU 2 Fan Speed [RPM]</metric>

    <metric statusProperty="chassis1rpm" type="LongAverage">Chassis 1 Fan Speed [RPM]</metric>

    <metric statusProperty="chassis2rpm" type="LongAverage">Chassis 2 Fan Speed [RPM]</metric>

    <metric statusProperty="chassis3rpm" type="LongAverage">Chassis 3 Fan Speed [RPM]</metric>

    <metric statusProperty="caseopen" type="Text">Case Open</metric>

    <metric statusProperty="volt33" type="Text">Volt 33</metric>

    <metric statusProperty="volt5" type="Text">Volt 5</metric>

    <metric statusProperty="volt12" type="Text">Volt 12</metric>

    <metric statusProperty="powersupply" type="Text">PowerSupply</metric>


We learned that IBM had changed the keys and values that was needed to pull the information.

Here is the new information to use:

<status interpolate="true" name="TemperatureSensors">

 <prefix>TempSensors|{Name} :</prefix>

     <metric statusProperty="Value" type="IntAverage">Value</metric>

     <metric statusProperty="UpperNonCriticalThreshold" type="IntAverage">UpperNonCriticalThreshold</metric>

     <metric statusProperty="UpperNonRecoverableThreshold" type="IntAverage">UpperNonRecoverableThreshold</metric>

     <metric statusProperty="ReadingStatus" type="Text">ReadingStatus</metric>

     <metric statusProperty="UpperCriticalThreshold" type="LongAverage">UpperCriticalThreshold</metric>


Additional Information:

To get the DataPower Agent Extension can be downloaded from this link:

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