Error during install on the third-party components CD

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Last Modified Date:  06/16/2017
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  • CA Business Service Insight


  • CA Business Service Insight:Release:8.3.5


  • CA Business Service Insight:OBLCRE

While installing the Application/Web server for CA Business Service Insight, it's possible to get the generic error "Error when copying the contents of 'CA Business Service Insight r8.3.5 -
Third Party' CD". What does this mean, and how do I solve it?

Installing BSI in a two-tier or multi-tier environment

If there's actually a problem with the copy of the third-party CD, you'll get a more helpful and specific error:

The location specified for the CD 'CA Business Service Insight r8.3.5 - Third Party' is invalid.

Please specify valid location for CD.

The error described above, however, is a generic one meaning that it cannot proceed with the install. The most common cause for this is a failure to connect to the database.

The first thing to check is if your TNS definition is correct - if the currently-installed Oracle client cannot perform a tnsping to the database, you'll need to correct this database configuration first.

If that works, however, be aware that the Oracle client does not always correctly configure ORACLE_HOME, PATH and TNS_ADMIN system variables - we need these to be set correctly for the installation to proceed any further. While a tnsping or sqlplus call from a command line may not need the other variables as long as the binaries are in the path, applications like BSI will. We also need the JAVA_HOME variable to be set correctly.

Additional Information:

In addition, if you have previously uninstalled BSI, refer to TEC535103 to ensure the old installation has been completely cleaned up.

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