Garbage in Online created JCL to delete a file from a Catalog

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Last Modified Date:  08/07/2017
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  • CA MasterCat VSAM Catalog Management for z/VSE


  • CA MasterCat VSAM Catalog Management for z/VSE:Release:3.4


  • CA MASTERCAT VSAM Catalog Management for z/VSE:MSTCTV

Garbage in Online created JCL to delete a file from a Catalog 


When we use the Online generation screens to create IDCAMS-Jobs (JCL) to delete Files.

This Jobs do not run because there are Parameters included which are wrong

- the Parameter CAT(UCAT.VSEWK3          //16)). 

Where //16 is wrong.


The garbage in the catalog dsn is always placed after position 44 
/ in position 45 then followed by others characters . 
In fact , this is the password indicated in the FIND FILE screen . 
This field is never cleared and you cannot see it . The userid.UPV 
is updated in the SYS$VIO pds file , with a catlg password . 
To solve the problem , enter spaces or erase.eof in the password field . 

VMCMENU6.3 -- CA-MASTERCAT - Manage Files and Volumes - 3.4-SP02 USER=userid 
VMCMENU7.3 -------- CA-MASTERCAT - Find File(s) - 3.4-SP02 ----- USER=userid 
VMCMENUD.C -------- CA-MASTERCAT - Object Finder - 3.4-SP02 ---- USER=userid 
File ID ===> + 
Password ===> 
do as explained above.

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