VAH1 - ATSP abend after R15 upgrade....

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Last Modified Date:  08/10/2017
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  • CA Dataquery for CA Datacom
  • CA Ideal for CA Datacom


  • CA Dataquery for CA Datacom:Release:14
  • CA Dataquery for CA Datacom:Release:15.0
  • CA Ideal for CA Datacom:Release:15.1
  • CA Ideal for CA Datacom:Release:15.0
  • CA Ideal for CA Datacom:Release:14


  • CA Dataquery for CA Datacom:DQ

Getting abend VAH1 and ATSP bend when signing on DQRY on Ideal or IPC.

The symptom is occurring after upgrading and testing under a new CICS environment.

z/os 2.1 - CA Datacom/DB 15.0, Ideal and IPC 15.0

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 A task has attempted to issue a WRITEQ TS request for a recoverable TS queue 

 that has already been deleted in the same unit of work.                      


 System action                                                                


 The task is abnormally terminated with a CICS transaction dump.              


 User response                                                                


 Correct the application to avoid issuing a WRITEQ TS request to a recoverable

 queue in a unit of work in which the queue has already been deleted.         




 DFHEITS, DFHTSP                                                              

****************************** BOTTOM OF DATA ********************************


Set CICS macro DFHTST parameter DATAID to space.


IDEAL, DDOL and DQ TSQs must NOT be CICS recoverable, therefore the characters $, #, V and DQ must NOT be included in the DATAID parameter for the DFHTST macro. 

Does the site really need to specify DATAID values? If so, DO NOT include "$" "#" "V" or "DQ".

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