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Last Modified Date:  08/03/2017
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  • CA VM:Archiver for z/VM


  • CA VM:Archiver for z/VM:Release:2.4


  • CA VM:Archiver for z/VM:VMA

We're trying to understand how the HELP files that get loaded to the ZVMA024A 214 minidisk (BUILDPUB) and eventually get copied to the VMANAGER 193 disk during VMDEPLOY, get used.

When I issue VMARCH with no parms,  I  get the main panel and when I hit PF1 for help, I don't see where these files are pulled in. 


All the user screens have a PF1 for HELP which are the help files associated with those USER menu screens. 


Additional Information:

These HELP files are for the User screens when you hit PF1 on a User VMA screen. 

For instance: 
Type in VMARCH to get to User screens or select user screens if you have other authorizations where you are presented with Admin menu. 

In User main menu, select 1. That presents you with screen LSCFUAC1. 
Now PF9 to LIST. 
You’ll get screen LXCFUAC1 

LXCFUAC1 CMS Files VM:Archiver 02.4 

PF1 from there brings in the HELP file. 

I went through a few screens to confirm this and they all appear to be associated to *User screens*. 

User Screen selections: 

To select an option, type a number on the command line and press ENTER 

Archive 1 See CMS files you want to archive 

Manage 2 See archived files 
Data 3 See archived minidisks 

Information 4 See your archive and recall requests 
5 See user and group information for user VMANAGER 

Data 6 See or give permission to share data 

From the User Screens, this is how I navigated and how I chose HELP: 

‘1’ See CMS files you want to archive 
PF9 List 

‘2’ See archived files 
PF9 List 

‘3’ See Archived minidisks 
PF9 List 

‘4’ See your archive and recall requests 

‘5’ See user and group information 

‘6’ See or give permission to share data 

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