.Net Agent sending a large amount of (typically backend) traces.

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Last Modified Date:  08/07/2017
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  • CA Application Performance Management


  • CA Application Performance Management:Release:10.2
  • CA Application Performance Management:Release:10.3
  • CA Application Performance Management:Release:10.5
  • CA Application Performance Management:Release:10.1
  • CA Application Performance Management:Release:10.0



A .Net Agent (usually backend agents) sends excessive traces that are not for transaction tracing, sampling, auto tracing, etc.


This was found in APM 10.2 but could impact all 10.x environments. This can affect any APM 10.x .NET Agent that has cross process transaction tracing enabled with upstream and downstream agents. The problem is happening with downstream agents.

  Engineering has discovered there is an issue where the upstream agent triggers transaction traces in the downstream agent. The agent was propagating traces regardless of there is a tail filter or not when introscope.agent.transactiontracer.tailfilterPropagate.enable is set to true.

 Normally you enable this (Set to true) setting on all desired agents to include backend trace data (for example, from the SYSVIEW extension) with Transaction Traces.


  From the upstream JVMs, disable CPTT (cross-process transaction tracing) or set introscope.agent.transactiontracer.tailfilterPropagate.enable=false and restart IIS. This will be fixed soon in a future release.


Additional Information:

Note that this issue does not happen with Java Agents.

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