Using CA PDSMAN, would it be possible to update a single load module in a specific load library using the LLA refresh facility?

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Last Modified Date:  08/07/2017
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  • CA PDSMAN PDS Library Management


  • CA PDSMAN PDS Library Management:Release:7.7


  • CA-PDSMAN for OS/390:PDSM

How can we use CA PDSMAN to update, via the LLA refresh facility, a single member of a load library rather than force a refresh of the entire load library? 


The $LLA control statement supports a MEM= keyword. This should be what you are looking for. Update your PDSMINIT table with something similar to the example.

EX: $LLA LIB=data.set MEM=module UPDATELLA=Y 

Additional Information:

See the PDSMAN PDS LIBRARY Management LLA Extensions and Performance Facilities User Guide. Page 20-21

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