When a new phase is created in OWB, existing tasks are getting auto populated under the same.

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Last Modified Date:  08/02/2017
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  • CA PPM


  • CA PPM:Release:15.2



When a new phase is created in OWB, existing tasks are getting auto populated under the same. 

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Run Open Workbench. 
  2. Input the login credential so that it gets connected to a PPM instance. 
  3. Go to File --> New so that a new tab opens for a new project. 
  4. By default, it would be the Gantt Chart view that will open. 
  5. Click on the first row of the Name column (the row will be numbered as 1), and type a name of the task called "Task 1". 
  6. Hit Enter and that will take the cursor to the next row. 
  7. Create another couple of tasks in the same way and name them as "Task 2" and "Task 3" respectively. 
  8. Right click on the row of the first task "Task 1". 
  9. Select modify and change the type to "Phase" from "Task". Click OK. 
  10. Task 2 and Task 3 will come under Task 1 immediately and Task 1 will have a (-) sign indicating that it can be collapsed. 
  11. Click on the (-) icon to collapse and now only "Task 1" phase is visible. 
  12. Create a new task called "Task 4" in the next row. 
  13. Now, just step #, change the type to "Phase" and click OK. 

Expected result: The task will be converted to a phase without any child tasks under the same. 

Actual result: The task will be converted to phase and earlier tasks automatically comes under the same.

CA PPM 15.2

Due to defect DE35699.


There is a simple workaround to avoid this problem. This issue happens only only the existing phases are kept collapsed in the OWB. If the existing phases are expanded, user will not be facing the same problem while creating new phases from OWB. 

Additional Information:

The defect DE35699 is being reviewed by the development team and they will check if this can be fixed in any of the upcoming releases of CA PPM. 

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