How to setup an alert once defining your Differential Controls

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  • CA Application Performance Management:Release:10.5
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   This document explains how to setup an alert once you have defined your Differential Controls. One area of confusion by customers is they look at the documentation, and will make the assumption that they are to use standard metrics to create the alert instead of using the Variance Intensity.  It is also unclear why we state use of the values 20/30 or 25/35 for the alert thresholds. The missing point is making the connection that the alert should be based off the calculated metric from the Differential Controls. It is based on information provided by Professional Services.


All supported APM Releases

  Step 1: From WebView, create a new Metric Grouping for your Differential Control. You can use, or reference, the “Differential Analysis Metrics” in the Management Module “Default”. The “Default” module has metric expressions which will gather health metrics.


  Step 2: Right-click your Metric Grouping to create your Differential Control. Adjust your settings based upon your needs.



  Step 3: Locate the “Average Response Time (ms) Variance Intensity” to create a new Simple Alert. This will be listed under the “Variance” sub-node based upon your Management Module name.

 Right-click to create the Simple Alert. 


  Step 4:Adjust the Metric Grouping for your Simple Alert to ensure you’re getting all matching metrics.


  Step 5: To setup your Simple Alert, ensure to enable “Notify By Individual Metric” to get notifications by app.


Setup your caution and danger threshold, 20/30 or 25/35. Adjust the number of observations and periods that will be used for the metric evaluation.

Optionally, you can use the Action Delay with a reasonable window to ensure you’re not sending out too many notifications.

The thresholds should fall in line with how Differential Controls are scored based upon the Western Electric Rules. Consider using the Description box to let folks know how they are set.



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NOTE: You can only create/modify Differential Controls in WebView, not in Workstation.

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