CA API Management Gateway appliance support for 3rd party products

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Last Modified Date:  08/09/2017
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  • CA API Management Gateway


  • CA API Management Gateway:Release:7.1
  • CA API Management Gateway:Release:7.1.4
  • CA API Management Gateway:Release:8.0
  • CA API Management Gateway:Release:8.1.0
  • CA API Management Gateway:Release:8.1.1
  • CA API Management Gateway:Release:8.2.00
  • CA API Management Gateway:Release:8.3
  • CA API Management Gateway:Release:8.3.00
  • CA API Management Gateway:Release:8.3.01
  • CA API Management Gateway:Release:8.3.02
  • CA API Management Gateway:Release:8.4
  • CA API Management Gateway:Release:8.4.00
  • CA API Management Gateway:Release:8.4.01
  • CA API Management Gateway:Release:9.0.00
  • CA API Management Gateway:Release:9.1.00



Can 3rd party tools/applications be installed without negatively impacting the support agreement?



When possible, we recommend that you utilize the Gateway's built-in functionality before installing external applications or making changes to the host operating. When the Gateway's built-in functionality does not meet your requirements, we permit our customers to install additional applications or make changes without terminating or negatively impacting the support agreement between our organizations.


As with any change to the Gateway, we strongly recommend that thorough testing in non-critical environments is carried out before escalating the deployment to more business-critical production systems. Please keep in mind that we may request that this software or application be removed from the system during subsequent support requests where we feel the third-party application may be interfering with the proper operation of the Gateway.


Lastly, we do not include updates for external applications, tools, or their dependencies in Gateway patches. Upgrading an appliance may cause previously working configurations of your third-party tool to break--and such action would not be supported by CA Technologies. Since we do not provide updates for these external applications, we also do not test them. As such, external applications may create security vulnerabilities in our appliance that would not be present on a certified Gateway appliance.

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