XPSExplorer shows zero IMSDirectory and IMSEnvironment even though an LDIF export shows these objects.

Document ID:  TEC1204029
Last Modified Date:  08/11/2017
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  • CA Identity Manager


  • CA Identity Manager:Release:12.6.0
  • CA Identity Manager:Release:14.0


  • IdentityMinder(Identity Manager):IDMGR

When integrating Identity Manager and SiteMinder, you may encounter a situation where the Identity Manager objects are completely functional, but they do not appear properly in SiteMinder's WAM UI or in XPSExplorer.

You will see the IMSDirectory and IMSEnvironment objects are visible in the menu, but when drilling down, no objects are shown.

Any Identity Manager version and any Site Minder Policy Server version after 12.0 SP3

This scenario occurs when the IMSInstalled registry flag is not set on the policy server in question.


This refers to the Windows operating system of the policy server machines where Identity Manager's extensions were installed:


If your Windows is 32-bit then:



If your Windows is 64-bit then: 




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