How to keep Path Optimizer Loop Options or reuse the settings?

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Last Modified Date:  07/18/2017
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  • CA Agile Requirements Designer


  • CA Agile Requirements Designer:Release:2.5
  • CA Agile Requirements Designer:Release:2.4
  • CA Agile Requirements Designer:Release:2.3


  • CA Test Case Optimizer:ITKOTC

Path Explorer keeps setting of Path Optimizer Loop Options during open the window. However, close and reopen Path Explorer, and then the settings will be reset.


How to keep Path Optimizer Loop Options or reuse the settings?


Settings can be saved as parameter on Path Optimizer Loop Options.

After you configure the order, counter, Fixed Insertion and All Combinations check box, click [Save] button.


Next, input Loop setting name and click [OK].


And then, the setting is saved as parameter.


Close this window and Path Explorer, and reopen Path Optimizer Loop Options. And then, setting is reset.
On the other hand, you can see saved parameter at upper right corner. Click + button, and then saved setting is restored.


If you want to delete save parameter, click X button.  It will be removed.


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