Issues With PTF RO94298 Adding New Resource Class ZMFCLOUD.

Document ID:  TEC1191588
Last Modified Date:  06/12/2017
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  • CA Top Secret for z/OS


  • CA Top Secret for z/OS:Release:16.0


  • CA Top Secret for z/OS:TSSMVS


- We are catching this PTF removing an RDT entry as part of the rollout and revoking security permission for ZMFCLOUD.


- We had this resource class defined prior to applying PTF. Should we just let the PTF take care of the RDT change or should we remove ZMFCLOUD?


- I noticed we cannot remove it on the systems that were already changed by the PTF. CA is also defining this resource class differently than us, in addition to all the other attributes we had defined it as DEFPROT and MIXCASE.



- If you have previously defined the ZMFCLOUD resource class to the RDT you need to revoke the permissions, remove the ownership and then delete the RDT entry that you previously created. Then apply the apar.  


- If you have previously defined the ZMFCLOUD resource class to the RDT AND you don't have permissions, you can issue:



Additional Information:


- If you want to have more information about the CA Top Secret RDT changes, go to link:



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