Add Admin Console as a Portlet in UMP

Document ID:  TEC1180604
Last Modified Date:  08/04/2017
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  • CA Unified Infrastructure Management



You can access Admin Console as a standalone page; however, there is also another method where Admin Console can be accessed directly from UMP as a portlet.  This can be a very useful way of accessing Admin Console.


You can also add Admin Console as a new page by using the following instructions: 


1. Click on Add in the upper left corner of UMP and click on Page


2. Name the page to Admin Console 


3. Click on the new Admin Console page. It will display blank. 

4. Click on Add again in the upper left corner and click on Portlet 


5. This will bring up a new screen. Expand Monitoring and click on Admin Console. 



6. You will need to refresh your page, and Admin Console will be accessible from inside of UMP. I many times will right click on Admin Console and select Open in New Window. This will let you have UMP and Admin Console open at one time. 

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