Logtrace Report was not filtered by Jobname

Document ID:  TEC1166744
Last Modified Date:  06/08/2017
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  • CA SYSVIEW Performance Monitor for DB2 for z/OS


  • CA Insight Database Performance Monitor for DB for z/OS:IDB2

Started the Logtrace report with START LOGTRACE command and specified 'Correlation  . . JOBNAME' as a filter, but the report output was very large and without filtering, there were statistics for all the Jobs with access to the DB2 Log and it was not possible to find the data for the Job with problems.


When a Logtrace Report is started and you need to qualify the report, you have to set Yes to the 'DB2 Qualify' option.
DB2 Qualify  . . . Y (Y/N)
Otherwise the report is not qualified and all other values in the DB2 Qualifications are ignored. 

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