UIM Admin Console stops working post upgrade to 8.51

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Last Modified Date:  06/09/2017
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  • CA Unified Infrastructure Management


  • CA Unified Infrastructure Management:Release:8.51
  • CA Unified Infrastructure Management:Release:8.47
  • CA Unified Infrastructure Management:Release:8.5



After upgrading to UIM 8.51, Admin Console access has been lost. 

Upgrade to UIM 8.51

While it is not the root cause for this issue, the 8.47 upgrade release notes point to the new home page address and the deprecation of the service_host probe:




Please do the following to correct the issue with admin_console:

1. On your primary hub, if there is a service_host probe deactivate and delete it, followed by a delete of the local service_host folder in the Nimsoft installation path.  

2. Deploy the following probes from the IM client archive to the primary hub in the following order: (ROOT should be present already)

  • wasp
  • uimhome
  • adminconsoleapp
  • mps

3. Optional: Set the loglevel to 3 on the primary UIM server wasp, Raw Configure > setup

4. Deactivate and then activate the wasp probe. When it has a port and a pid please try and access the following

http://<PrimaryUIM_server_ hub_IP:port>/adminconsoleapp/

5. If the above steps do not work please open a new Support case with CA UIM Support and provide the following files for review from the primary UIM server including step 3:

  • robot.cfg
  • wasp.cfg
  • wasp.log
  • screen shot of error your getting when accessing the above URL including the URL.

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