After Server reboot there appears to be a problem with WCC’s security certificate for the login page.

Document ID:  TEC1127655
Last Modified Date:  07/17/2017
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  • CA Workload Automation AE


  • CA Workload Automation AE:Release:11.4



After a routine maintenance system reboot WCC's login page is failing.

It states: There is a problem with this website's security certificate.

You can select to continue but it does not.


Product - WCC 11.4.4 Database - Oracle Platform - Windows

Always start by verifying that EEM is up and running.  Make sure you can login to EEM with the application set to WCC<####>.  If EEM is not working then WCC will not work.  If EEM is fine then review the WCC/<log>/* files.  In this client's case there were error messages stating that the database was not reachable.  The message was accurate as the Oracle listener had not been restarted after the reboot.  So WCC was not able to reach the db.  Once it was confirmed that the Oracle database and the Oracle listener were up and running then WCC was restarted and was functional.


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