VM:Tape; REPLY command

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Last Modified Date:  08/03/2017
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  • CA VM:Tape for z/VM


  • CA VM:Tape for z/VM:Release:2


  • CA VM:Tape for zVM:VMT

VMTAPE REPLY command can no longer be abbreviated to R.


We could do this in r1.8.    What changed?


This was a change that came with VM:Tape r2.0. 

Based on the other VM:Tape commands that start with "R", it made sense in the common nucleus conversion that the minimum length to uniquely identify the intended command as "REPLY", was set to 3 characters.  Others commands are REFRESH, REJECT, RESUME, and RMS. 

 VM:Tape will accept REP, but not any abbreviation less than the three letters. 


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