The CA Auditor 8.2 BASELINE CONTENT dated entries do not change, why?

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Last Modified Date:  07/11/2017
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The CA Auditor 8.2 BASELINE CONTENT dated entries do not change, why?


The 8.2 BASELINE CONTENT Baseline database administration displays a list of all the baselined function records. This serves as a 'baseline' snapshot that is currently used to determine changes to the system. CA Auditor will run comparisons with the baselined function elements to detect changes in the current system. Any changes detected will be displayed in the 8.2 ALERT REVIEW - Analyze baseline results panel. The baseline history entries will not change until the entry is removed and another 'baseline' is taken. The 8.2 panel allows for removal/deletion of entries by entering (D) or (S) next to any baseline record. A new baseline entry will be created automatically using the policy control records in member POLTJS of the baseline policy configuration file based on the interval settings or manually using the 'baseline' command from the CA Auditor function.

Depending on a site's requirements, a new baseline will be taken either in a fixed date cycle(ie. monthly, quarterly) or after reviewing and reconciling Alert entries that are generated. 

The Alert Review will display a list of alerts that need to be reviewed by the user. These alerts can be selected to display the changes that have been detected while CA Auditor was running comparisons in the background.                                        

From this function the user also has the option to delete the alerts following a thorough review of the reported differences and optionally re-establishing a new Baseline as described above.

So the bottomline is that the entries displayed in the 8.2 BASELINE CONTENT Baseline database administration panel will not change unless the entry is deleted and a new 'Baseline' is taken either automatically or manually.

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