Adding Asset 'New Search' Funcationality to a Role

Document ID:  TEC1107586
Last Modified Date:  11/29/2017
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  • CA IT Asset Manager


  • CA IT Asset Manager:Release:14.1
  • CA IT Asset Manager:Release:17.0


  • CA Asset Portfolio Management:ARGIS

I have found that granting permissions of Copy, Export to User, Create and Save search to User on a Role configuration gives the role/user with Read Only access the ability to create and New Search. However, it also gives the ability to Copy Assets and additional functionality that a Read Only role/user should not have access to.


Design change with the 14.1.02 Cumulative patch


A role/user with Read Only access should neither be able to create a search nor be able to create assets.  Originally in 14.1 these permissions were different however, it was decided that changes in the functionality needed to be handled. 

A Read Only role/user should not have the ability to create assets.

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