Why does case matter in my USM searches?

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Last Modified Date:  07/10/2017
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In UMP USM home page search box, when I search with upper-case caracters, I get different results than when I do a search with lower-case characters.  Why is this?


The most likely explanation is that the UIM database is being hosted on an Oracle SQL server.  Oracle is case sensitive and will only return information on devices that match character and case.  Microsoft SQL server and MySql are not case sensitive and will return results in with same letters but any case.
This is expected behavior and can be changed by:
- Changing the probe which is the source of the QoS to use the case you would expect.  Here is one example of how to do this:

- Change the Oracle server to eliminate case-sensitivity with an nls_sort or some other means.  Consult with your DBA for information regarding how to do this and what it's effect might be.

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