15.2 port - iConsole Event Exports Lose Far-Eastern Characters

Document ID:  TEC1071975
Last Modified Date:  06/13/2017
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  • CA Data Protection


  • CA Data Protection:Release:15.2


  • CA DataMinder Active Policy Management:DLPAPM
  • CA DataMinder Iconsole:DLPWEB

When exporting events as MSG from the iConsole (and the Data Management Console as well) far-eastern characters in the Subject and DisplayName fields are not properly rendered. They are replaced with question marks (?). 

In both the iConsole and DMC displays, both fields are properly rendered. 

Reviewers cant complete tasks where an event is exported as addresses are obscured by ???

When email events that contain Japanese or other Far Eastern language characters in the subject line are downloaded as 'Microsoft Outlook message' from iConsole search results, these characters appear as '?'. 
This issue occurs as the message file format is set to ANSI..
APAR#: RO95475 is now available for this issue.

This hotfix ensures proper rendering of the Far Eastern characters in the Microsoft Outlook message that is exported and downloaded from iConsole.
The message file format has been changed to Unicode.

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