Need a help to enabling IFCID 25 and route to SMF

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Last Modified Date:  07/05/2017
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  • CA SYSVIEW Performance Monitor for DB2 for z/OS


  • CA SYSVIEW Performance Monitor for DB2 for z/OS:Release:17.0.00


  • CA Insight Database Performance Monitor for DB for z/OS:IDB2
  • Common Insight Services:CIDB

How to route IFCID 25 records to SMF


Currently we have the IFCID 25 records enabled via CA Sysview for DB2 and collected in OP1. But we need to route them to SMF. 


Is there any way to route the IFCID 25 records collected to SMF via CA Sysview for DB2? 

z/os DB2

CA Sysview for DB2 does not route Ifcid records to SMF. If you have that requirement you will have to start a Trace yourself routing the Records to SMF. 


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