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  • CA VM:Backup for z/VM


  • CA VM:Backup for z/VM:Release:3.6


  • CA VM:Backup for z/VM:VMB

I am currently using VM:Backup to create backups on DASDTape.   What do I need to do to interface VM:Backup with an IBM VTL like a TS7700 ? 




If you are running with VM:Tape, things will be much easier. VM:Tape has a documented interface to DFSMS/RMS running on z/VM.  RMSMASTR and DFSMS/RMS are required to be installed and running.  

VM:Tape can also be used with other "tape appliances" (3rd Party VTLs), although not necessarily using a published interface. 

If you run VM:Tape, you will need to configure VM:Backup to run with VM:Tape and define new VM:Backup TAPEPOOL records with the DENSITY and MEDIA attributes that match your VTL volumes. 

You would then modify your VM:Backup Job Templates to use the new "tape" Tape Pools instead of your existing "DASDTape” pools.    Then in theory you are done.


If you don't run VM:Tape, that complicates things.  VM:Backup does not have any native interfaces other than to use VM:Tape.

VM:Backup does have a Tape User Exit (VMBEXIT5), although, it would take substantial coding to make it work with the IBM VTL and DFSMS/RMS.



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