Copy queries from one VISION:Inform foreground library to another

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Last Modified Date:  07/24/2015
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  • CA VISION:Inform for z/OS


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To copy queries from one foreground library to another, use the Batch Simulator.

Create an 80 byte permanent sequential dataset that will be used as the ANSPRINT DD.  This DD echoes the online session conversation.


Submit the Batch Simulator job ANSOSB pointing to this permanent dataset for ANSPRINT with the following for the ANSIN DD:


LIST ITEM queryname USERID profileWhereQueryIs


ANSPRINT will have a listing of the query source. 


Using your ISPF editor:


·        Copy ANSPRINT into the ANSOSB JCL to use as ANSIN

·        Delete the header/trailer lines

·        Add 2 commands at the top of ANSIN starting in column 1


     EDIT queryname USERID profileWhereYouWantToPutIt   

·       Add 2 commands, SAVE and QUIT, at the bottom of ANSIN.  Two lines, one command each, starting in column 1. 



Submit the Batch Simulator JCL again pointing to this new ANSIN and to the foreground library where you want to copy the query.

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