Why am I encountering the following error running the Post-install 0001 Create Required Objects task on a brand new subsystem: BPA0037E: LOG SYSTEM 'ssid' FAILED ON SQL ERROR: -0904

Document ID:  TEC1060988
Last Modified Date:  08/07/2017
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  • CA Database Management Solutions for DB2 for z/OS


  • Post Install:INS

The CA DB2 post-install 0001 Create Required Objects task fails with the error: BPA0037E: LOG SYSTEM 'ssid' FAILED ON SQL ERROR: -0904


In this particular case, the cause of the BPA0037E: LOG SYSTEM 'ssid' FAILED ON SQL ERROR: -0904 error was due to the Batch Processor Log Tablespaces not having underlying VSAM files defined.  This was caused by the SSDEFINE (NO) parameter being set in the SETUPxx parmlib member being referenced.





Changing the SSDEFINE parameter to SSDEFINE (YES) in the referenced SETUPxx parmlib member, and then dropping the PTDB and regenerating and running the post-install 0000 Compare job allowed the BP Tablespaces to be defined with the underlying VSAM files.  The subsequent 0001 Create Required Objects job ran successfully, and created the CA DB2 Tools' objects.

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