Unable to login to ITPAM URL. ITPAM service stops short after starting

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Last Modified Date:  11/30/2017
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  • CA Process Automation


  • CA Process Automation:Release:4.3
  • CA Process Automation:Release:4.3.1
  • CA Process Automation:Release:4.3.2


  • Process Automation:ITPAM

ITPAM processes started to fail and decided to stop ITPAM services on 4 nodes 

ITPAM service starts and after a while it goes down 

runtime DB ok, no error messages seen 

CA PAM 4.3 Sp 1 on Windows 2012

Reviewed c2o.log and found this entry:


20:06:08,476 ERROR [org.jgroups.protocols.TCPPING] [ main] failed creating initial list of hosts 

java.net.UnknownHostException: CORPPAMU001.company.com 


The client confirmed that this server did no longer exist 


-we stopped the CA PAM service for the node1(the node in error) 

-we moved folders out of the PAM server\c2o directory (tmp, scripts, data, .recovery, work, wrappers). 

-we restarted the CA PAM service – problem remains 

Then we reviewed the properties.table of CA PAM data base and found the entry for CORPPAMU001.company.com


-client confirmed that a actual DB backup exist 


-we deleted the row in error of the properties table for CORPPAMU001.company.com 

-we moved again folders out of the PAM server\c2o directory (tmp, scripts, data, .recovery, work, wrappers). 

-We started the CA PAM service again 

The CA PAM node started up and client could login.

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