How to generate source statements from some CA Datacom custom load modules?

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  • CA Datacom/DB:Release:14.0
  • CA Datacom/DB:Release:15.0
  • CA Datacom/DB:Release:15.1
  • CA Datacom/AD:Release:14.0
  • CA Datacom/AD:Release:15.0


  • CA Datacom/AD:AD

How to generate source statements from some CA Datacom custom load modules?


CA Datacom utility DBCGSPR generates source statements from customized CUSLIB modules.

DBCGSPR provides “SKIPMEM” via CA Datacom 15.1 PTF RO95080 and 15.0 PTF RO95035: 

A new control parameter SKIPMEM was added to allow the user to skip over a problem CUSLIB member.  In the SYSIN, "SKIPMEM memname" could be coded to skip the named member and process the remaining library members.  Any number of SKIPMEM control statements may be specified.

DBCGSPR utility is documented in CA Datacom® Core - 15.1

See “Generating Source Members from CUSLIB content"






Additional Information:

There are also new messages associated with SKIPMEM added to CA Datacom® Messages:

DB30282E - Member name invalid


The user has coded a SKIPMEM control statement where the member name exceeded 8 characters or is missing altogether


Processing continues to the next control statement, but after all control statements have been processed, DBCGSPR will terminate with a return code of 8.

DB30283I – Skipping memname 


The current member name matches a member name coded in a SKIPMEM control statement.


DBCGSPR will not attempt to process this member.  Processing moves on to the next CUSLIB member.

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